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Our portfolio provides our community of over 7,000 registered investors who qualify with exclusive property development investment opportunities in the United Kingdom. 

From Central London and the capital’s commuter belt, to growth areas across the country, each development project has passed through an extraordinary due diligence process conducted by our expert team of analysts. 

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The Evolution of Property Investing

The UK Alternative Finance industry is currently valued at £2.6bn. Property crowdfunding is one of its rising stars, and grew by an impressive 200% in 2017. This sector is maturing into the mainstream, but would you be surprised to learn it’s almost as old as the hills? That it was all the rage in the 1380s?

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Cogress Comments on Nationwide's House Price Index, June

Cain McKinnon, Cogress Investment Analyst, comments on Nationwide's House Price Index, June 2019:

Overall the market is experiencing modest growth in predictable areas and proving relatively resilient to a drawn-out period of negative sentiment and subdued activity. A continued search for value, and lower barriers to entry, will favour the regions as the market recovers from the ‘hold and wait’ period.

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Is Brexit to blame for the UK’s beleaguered property market?

Cogress Investor Relations Director, Rachel Stark, takes a frank look at the current challenges facing the UK property market. Featuring commentary from industry leaders including Yopa’s founder David Jacobs, REalyse CEO Gavriel Merkado and Chesterton’s Head of Research Nicholas Barnes, this article challenges prevalent opinion that Brexit is to blame for the market slowdown, discussing the role played by affordability and government intervention, as well as the long-term outlook for UK property.

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Cogress are proud to have been awarded Best Property Investment Provider 2018 at the Landlord Investor Show Awards, November 2018. 

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