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Cogress is a leading property investment company. Founded in 2014, our aim was to connect investors with rigorously vetted property development investment opportunities, those normally reserved for the super-wealthy.

We’ve come a long way in the last five years, diversifying to provide our community with a greater selection of property investment options. But our vision hasn’t changed; our aim is still to deliver unique opportunities, and to give our investors all the information they need to decide whether that project is right for them.

Each and every investment we launch has been rigorously assessed by our in-house team of analysts, and our involvement doesn’t end once a project is raised. We have a Portfolio Management team in-house monitoring the progress of each project, updating investors quarterly and advocating for them from start, to finish.

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Property Investor Awards
Property Crowdfunding Platform of the Year 2019 


ACQ5 Global Awards
Niche Property Investment Company of the Year, 2019

Silver Winner

UK Business Awards
Insurance, Banking and Financial Services



Tal Orly
Entrepreneur of the
Year 2019


Dillon Cane
Young Property Person of the Year 2019


The National LIS Awards,
Best Property Investment Provider 2018 

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What should you expect from your crowdfunding platform?

Alternative finance, the industry that includes crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, is growing at pace, characterised by automated platforms that allow investors to loan money directly to small businesses and worthy endeavours. In this article, the Cogress team ask, what should you expect from your crowdfunding platform?

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Student Accommodation: A Growing Investment Sector

Despite Brexit uncertainty, the UK Specialist Property sector is performing well. This asset class includes hotel investments, healthcare and student accommodation, and has attracted tens of billions in investment over the last few years. Here the Cogress Market Analysis Team share their insight into the opportunities available to investors in Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) in the UK.

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The Evolution of Property Investing

The UK Alternative Finance industry is currently valued at £2.6bn. Property crowdfunding is one of its rising stars, and grew by an impressive 200% in 2017. This sector is maturing into the mainstream, but would you be surprised to learn it’s almost as old as the hills? That it was all the rage in the 1380s?

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