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Since our company’s inception in 2014, we have underwritten more than £170m, providing finance to over 50 projects with total Gross Development Value (GDV) in excess of £1bn.

Our highly experienced team and our extensive knowledge in property development, development finance, portfolio management, and law, is here to support you throughout the life-cycle of the development.

We are focused on establishing long-term relationships with like-minded professional developers and provide the relevant support to propel growth and achieve the desired results for all our partners.

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Our Team

  • Chief Executive Officer

Tal Orly

“I believe successful companies always need to look to the future, not just in order to deliver more of the same, but to carve out new opportunities. I know what I want to achieve and I have an amazing team helping me deliver it.”
  • Investor Relations Director

Rachel Stark

“I love the fast pace of the property sector, and providing personal support for investors, alongside my team of Investor Relations Managers.”
  • Chief Operations Officer

Ilanit Orly

“Total business transparency is a responsibility I take very seriously. We go way beyond regulations. It’s become a part of the culture, and resonates with our personal values.”
  • Chief Marketing Officer

David Shiel

“It’s a real pleasure being part of the Cogress family on a genuinely different proposition with a team that really gets it.”
  • Chief Financial Officer

Zahid Anwar

“Cogress is undoubtedly a positive disruptive influence in the sector. The fact that we have opened the doors of this exclusive market to investors with lower funding capacity is a game-changer.”
  • Head of Portfolio Management

Dillon Cane

“Cogress has given me the opportunity to work in a fast, dynamic environment that actively encourages finding new and creative solutions to any situation.”
  • Business Development Director

Zac Gazit

“My vision is to give the gift of the Cogress model to investors around the world and make the Cogress brand synonymous with trust, professionalism and great investment opportunities.”