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Our latest Developer Webinar
Property Finance Solutions for SME Developers 

Cogress have £70m to deploy this year and are expanding into the traditional mezzanine space. Join Cogress Head of Origination, Callum Ferguson, for an informative look at the property financing solutions available to SME developers. 

Callum shared his insight into Private Equity, Mezzanine and Stretch Mezzanine products, presenting case studies to demonstrate how you can take your SME development company to the next level with tailored financing solutions. 


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Alternative Routes to Property Investment

Tuesday, November 12th 6:00pm, 44 Great Cumberland Place, Marylebone, London, W1H 7BS

Join Cogress for our next event: Different Routes to Property Investment, held in the newly opened private members’ club, Home Grown, for our latest event: Alternative Routes to Property Investment.

We will be joined by our Head of Market Analysis, Avi Miller, who will provide an overview of the 2019 property market, before the Cogress team take to the floor to showcase a diverse collection of live investment opportunities with minimum investment amounts starting from £1,000. 

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