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Build and diversify your property portfolio with Cogress, the award-winning private equity firm

Our professional in-house team spans developers, property analysts, portfolio managers, surveyors, underwriters and legal experts. The Cogress team provides equity ranging from £0.8m to £3m, alongside extensive technical expertise and support for development projects.

Our goal is to constantly grow our network of developers, helping them add value every step of the way, driving successful outcomes on their projects.

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More than £203m raised for 60 UK developments, with a GDV of over £1.1bn

Projects in development

Lower Marsh Lane, Surbiton KT1

Investment type
Mezzanine simple
Target Project Length
27 months

A former milk depot is being demolished to make way for the construction of 39 private residential, 10 affordable and one commercial unit.

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Spurstowe Terrace, Hackney, E8

Investment type
Preferred equity
Target Project Length
24 months

Demolition of the existing building and the new build of a five-storey mixed-use commercial and residential property comprised of offices on the ground level and 24 residential units on the upper floors (20 private and 4 affordable).

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3-19, 27-29 & 33 Caroline Street, London, E1 0JG

Target Project Length
20 months

Planning permission has been granted for an 81-unit scheme over three buildings (3-19, 27-29 and 33 Caroline Street) of which 62 units are private residential and 19 units are affordable residential.
Cogress initially launched the Caroline Street development in 2016 and committed circa £3.6m in mezzanine debt to the project from its community of investors. The project is already under construction and a sale has already been exchanged on the affordable units and agreed on the freehold; Cogress will be stepping in to control the project, alongside Hanover Development company.
Cogress is currently raising new funds in the form of a £2m mezzanine loan to bring the project to completion.

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