How It Works

Investing in Property Development with Cogress

At Cogress we provide opportunities for High Net Worth and Self-Certified Sophisticated investors to access a range of carefully vetted property development projects.

Our unique exit-orientated platform, offers investors who qualify exclusive access to property development investment opportunities with targeted exits of between 18 months and three years (estimated). Investment units start from £20,000.

Cogress Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no. 696171). We conduct meticulous due diligence to provide our investors with complete clarity and transparency on each development investment opportunity. All supported by an expert team of Investor Relations Managers and Portfolio Managers.

How does the Cogress Model work

Since launching in 2014, we have committed over £175m in equity across 55 UK developments with a gross development value (GDV) of over £1.15bn

A Unique Investment Model

Our unique platform connects investors with high-quality property development opportunities that were previously only accessible to ultra-high net worth investors. It allows investors the freedom to pick and choose projects that best fit their investment requirements and build a diverse property investment portfolio. We do this by offering investors who qualify two distinct investment vehicles:

Private Equity: Our investors collectively take an equity stake in a property development project through a Joint Venture Agreement with the developer, receiving a proportion of the profits on exit (typically in a 50/50 split). The investment is secured against the title deeds of the property and a personal guarantee from the developer.

Mezzanine Debt: Our investors collectively provide their funding in the form of a Mezzanine loan to the developer. Investment returns on the project take the form of interest. The investment is typically secured with a second charge against a property, alongside a personal guarantee from the developer.

Detailed Model


We take pride in presenting very carefully vetted opportunities to investors and promptly providing answers to any questions they may have about a project. Rachel Stark, Investor Relations Director

How It Works

The process begins with our Origination Team talking to property developers about potential projects. Firstly, they will undertake a review on the background of the developer including, operations and their track record. Initial due diligence is then conducted on development opportunities that are deemed to have potential, and if they are initially found to be viable, they are presented to our first Investment Committee.

If the development opportunity passes the first  Investment Committee’s stringent criteria, it is handed over to our Analysis Team. The Analysis Team then carries out further meticulous and extensive due-diligence before presenting to the second Investment Committee. The second Investment Committee thoroughly reviews every detail to determine if the opportunity fits our stringent criteria and can be launched to our registered investors.

Our Investor Relations Managers (IRMs) then take the lead in seeking investment from High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors, providing information and answering any questions a potential investor may have. Once the project is underway, our Portfolio Managers conduct monthly site visits and compile quarterly reports that are sent to investors.

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Investing through our platform offers a new approach to investing in property. It currently allows 7,000 registered UK investors to pool capital and access opportunities that would previously only have been available to a select few investors, due to the costs and complexities involved. 

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* Target returns are shown net of Cogress fees and based on each project’s estimated costs and Gross Development Value (GDV). Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.