The Evolution of Property Investing

The UK Alternative Finance industry is currently valued at £2.6bn. Property crowdfunding is one of its rising stars, and grew by an impressive 200% in 2017. This sector is maturing into the mainstream, but would you be surprised to learn it’s almost as old as the hills? That it was all the rage in the 1380s? 

Today, crowdfunding platforms allow individuals to collectively invest in property. Investing as a group limits each person’s capital but means they can participate in deals that would normally only be accessible to the super rich, even with relatively small investment sums. 

In feudal Britain, the transfer of land was strictly limited and meant that property ownership was the domain of the nobility and the church. But by the 14th century, a group of savvy property investors was emerging and, over the next 200 years, they’d change how we view property – and how we invest in it.

This short article, from the experts at alternative finance platform Cogress, tracks their progress through the centuries, detailing how growing commercialisation of the UK was leveraged by syndicates and private landlords to build diversified and profitable portfolios in medieval Britain. 

We take a closer look at property during the Industrial Revolution and reveal who really made money in the 1760s; the capitalists driving the change, or property owners? 

Innovations in property investing sped up in the 20th century, aided by increased access to finance, government intervention, and technology. How did our property investors fare during this era and into the 21st century? Did the property market weather the booms and busts of the 1950s-2007?

Download our article, The Evolution of Property Investing to find out. 



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