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At Cogress, we’ve always kept our belief in traditional values, like the power of a personal recommendation.

Exclusively for high net worth and self-certified sophisticated investors. Your capital is at risk.

So, if you find being part of our investor community rewarding, please recommend us to your friends, family or business associates and give them the opportunity to invest with Cogress too.

For every investment your contact makes with Cogress, you’ll receive the following reward which can either be sent directly to you or, if you’d prefer, to a charity of your choice.   

First Investment
Reward: £500

Subsequent Investments:
Investment: £20K
Reward: £200

Investment: £40K
Reward: £350

Investment: £60K+
Reward: £450

We'll also reward the person you refer by giving them a £100 discount off Cogress fees the first time they invest.

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