Relationship Management

Providing Our Investors With Comprehensive Support

Every single investor registered with Cogress is comprehensively supported by our Investor Relations Team, and is individually assigned an Investor Relations Manager (IRM).

Our IRMs are dedicated to providing ongoing assistance throughout the investment process, which includes regular updates, reports and appraisals on each investment, as well as access to our rigorous analysis of the costs, risks and saleability of each property development project.

Transparency, Clarity and Exceptional Customer Service

We provide our investors with complete clarity throughout every investment journey. Our IRMs act as the main point of contact and are dedicated to offering support and delivering exceptional customer service. As well as providing information on the legal, financial and practical aspects of property development investing, IRMs ensure our investors have access to the full extent of our meticulous due diligence. Investors can ask as many questions as they want to gain a complete understanding of the investment opportunity; IRMs will facilitate everything from face-to-face meetings with the Cogress project team to site visits and consultations with the developers. They will go the extra mile to ensure investors remain well informed at every stage of the process. 

A Guiding Hand Through The Complexities Of Investment

At Cogress, we have experts in place at every stage of the property development process to help transform investment potential into real returns for our registered investors. Our people know their markets inside and out–every one of our portfolio managers, researchers, consultants, analysts, relationship managers and advisors is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about property investment. Our IRMs provide our investors with all the necessary information they need to help them make their own informed investment decision. 

We offer an ongoing service and build personal, proactive relationships with our investors that you simply don’t see in the world of crowdfunding. Our investors never get left in the cold. We’re here to fight their corner when it matters most. 

Emma Huberman
Investor Relations Manager

Development Project Updates and Reports

We have a commitment to our clients: every property development we propose is one that we believe in. We have a team of analysts who conduct meticulous due diligence on the developer, the development itself, and the market in which it is being built. We maintain full oversight of each project, all the way through to exit. In addition, our investors receive quarterly progress reports from our portfolio managers to keep them fully updated with information on the construction, sales and financial status of each development. 

Our quarterly reports provide consistent, in-depth updates on the progress of the project. We know that clear communication and transparency is critical to building trust. 

Simon Brown
Investor Relations Manager