Why invest with us?

Why Invest with Cogress?

Cogress was founded to deliver a range of property investment opportunities to our investor community. We work on each of our deals from start to finish, and will only present a deal to investors if we believe in it.

Exclusively for high net worth and self-certified sophisticated investors. Your capital is at risk.

A Dedicated Investor Relations Manager

Every investor registered with Cogress is  supported by our Investor Relations Team.

You'll be assigned your own Investor Relations Manager (IRM), who will answer any questions you may have and act as your first point of contact with Cogress.

Our IRMs are dedicated to providing ongoing assistance throughout the investment process, which includes regular updates, reports and appraisals on each investment, as well as access to our rigorous analysis of the costs, risks and saleability of each property development project.

Rigorously Assessed Deals

Our involvement with a deal starts at the very beginning, and every deal we present has been sourced by our Origination team and rigorously assessed by our Market Analysis team. Each must pass three investment committees, chaired by our CEO and including legal, property and construction experts.

Regular Project Updates

Our involvement with a deal doesn't end once the funds are committed. Cogress maintains an in-house Portfolio Management team. These development analysts closely monitor each project as it progresses, making sure the developer delivers against key milestones and monitoring the progress and financials in real-time.

The Portfolio Management team provide investors with quarterly reports, keeping them up-to-date on the status of their projects. If you want to discuss your project in more detail with the analyst monitoring it, your IRM will be on hand and happy to arrange a call.  

Our quarterly reports provide consistent, in-depth updates on the progress of the project. We know that clear communication and transparency is critical to building trust. 

Richard Duvall
Investor Relations Manager

Advocating for You

Our Portfolio Management team are on site at each development regularly and work closely with the developer. If issues occur, the team are in the best position to identify them quickly and will work alongside the developer to help rectify them. The Cogress team includes professionals from construction, architecture, surveying and finance, and their combined professional network puts us in a unique position to advocate for our investors and help our development partners achieve exit. 

We offer an ongoing service and build personal, proactive relationships with our investors that you simply don’t see in the world of crowdfunding. Our investors never get left in the cold. We’re here to fight their corner when it matters most.

Richard Duvall
Investor Relations Manager

Always Working for Investors

At Cogress, we have experts in place at every stage of the property development process to help transform investment potential into real returns for our registered investors. Our people know their markets inside and out – every one of our researchers, consultants, analysts, relationship managers and advisors is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about property investment. Our IRMs provide our investors with all the necessary information they need to help them make their own informed investment decision.