Podcast: Tal Orly on founding Cogress

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Cogress and Selina
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Cogress Strikes £80m Agreement with Hospitality Brand Selina

20th January 2020

Property investment company Cogress has struck an £80m partnership with Latin-American hospitality brand Selina.

Founded in 2014, the companies have similarities. Cogress was among the first in the UK to open property development investment opportunities to individuals beyond the super-wealthy, while Selina was the first to target a growing younger market seeking remote working experiences.

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Cogress diversifies to offset Brexit jitters

13th January 2020

PROPERTY investment platform Cogress has shifted its focus from development lending to a variety of different partnerships and geographies to cater for Brexit uncertainty among investors.

Tal Orly, chief executive of Cogress, said the platform is now focusing on bigger margins, less risk and more experienced partners. He said of five to 10 deals with UK borrowers, only one may pass the necessary lending requirements.

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