Our Story

Built by Industry Experts

Cogress was founded by CEO Tal Orly. His aim was to open up the property development investment market to investors who otherwise wouldn't be able to access it. 

The UK office opened its doors in June 2014, with a dedicated team of legal, property development and investment, construction and market analysis experts ready to make Tal's dream of Cogress a reality. Two months later, we launched our first investment opportunity to our community of investors and raised the required equity in less than one week.

Tal’s confidence in the investment model was a key contributor to my decision to join Cogress. But what really stood out for me were his broader aspirations. He didn’t just want to grow a successful company, he wanted to grow Cogress the right way. He wanted to build a team that would be known for its expertise, honesty and integrity. 

Cogress was the first company in the UK to do what we do, and we created quite a buzz. We completed our first UK exit in early 2015 and, by the end of that year, we had expanded our investor community.

Our model and approach gained further traction and recognition in 2016.

We were named winner of ‘The Housing Excellence Awards’ Best Finance Model', after a record-breaking start to the year, which saw our biggest (£10.5m), and quickest raise (£1.35m in under 24 hours) in the space of just eight weeks. 

Cogress has always been a people-driven company. We base our strategy and reputation on serving investors’ best interests. Our business model goes beyond the numbers. It’s focused on investors—the individual and their needs.  

Liron Hadar
Investor Relations Director, Cogress

Considered, Agile and Quick

When we started out, we focused on the high-end London Prime market, since this was where our experts saw the most opportunity for our investors. A typical property development takes three years to complete, so we don't just monitor current market trends, but model multiple outcomes against different geopolitical factors. 

The Referendum vote in 2016 signalled a potential turn in the market, and we knew what our response would be to either outcome. The day after the UK voted for Brexit, we adapted our investment strategy to focus on high growth regional hubs and multi-unit developments.

Our agile approach provided opportunities for investors at a time when uncertainty dominated the market. 

The immediate focus was on prime London locations, but we always wanted to grow beyond this. The UK property market never sits still, and some of the biggest growth areas are now outside of the capital. It’s our expertise, razor-sharp market focus, and an understanding of what investors want that will take us into the future—these are exciting times for us and our investors.  

Tal Orly
Founder and CEO, Cogress

Future Focused

But we didn't stop there. We sought new deals, new asset classes and new partnerships, all with the aim of giving our investors even more choice.

Selina Hotel Investments 

In September 2019, we announced an £80m deal with the global hospitality chain Selina. Already valued at $850m and boasting 128 properties in 19 countries, Selina creates venues, accommodation, co-working spaces and events programmes designed to appeal to locals and travellers alike. Its unique model has excited investors all over the world, and this exclusive deal gives our community the opportunity to invest in Selina's expansion into the UK and much of Europe. It was also our first investment opportunity to pay interest quarterly.