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Cain McKinnon

Team: Senior Management Team
Job Title: Investment Consultant

Cain is a property investment expert. Working with Cogress’ structured lending consultants, Cain consults with Cogress to structure every property and hotel development opportunity. Using his exceptional knowledge of the property market, he provides detailed analysis across every element of a prospective development.

Using his comprehensive understanding of property classes and strong relationships with the property industry’s leaders, Cain conducts analysis to assess every deal we’re presented with. He then makes recommendations to the Cogress Investment Committee as to which deals are viable and present the best opportunity for investors. If a project is deemed to meet Cogress’ exacting standards, he subsequently conducts a forensic analysis of the development including the location, the market, property comparables, transport links and projected returns on completion. Cain’s investment recommendations then have to pass scrutiny at two further Investment Committees before they are presented to our community as an investment opportunity.

Cain graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Urban Development, Property Economics. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in property investment markets across the globe.