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David Shiel

Team: Senior Management Team
Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, David holds overall responsibility for developing marketing strategies that grow the Cogress investor community, meet investor needs, and spread our message to key market segments across a wide variety of on and off-line channels.

That’s the job description. But marketing is all about people, and so is Cogress. So David’s focus is on making human connections, nurturing relationships and keeping the conversation going with all Cogress’ stakeholders – developers, partners and of course the investors. The idea is not just to explain the freshness of the Cogress concept but to communicate its many benefits.

Cogress is a young and growing company, and one of David’s tasks is to help facilitate our exciting plans for the future. In today’s fast moving digital age, that future isn’t far away.

Before Cogress

After graduating from Northumbria University with a BA in Business Studies and a Post Grad Diploma in Marketing, David spent 20 years working in some of London’s biggest and most respected advertising agencies. During this time he gained extensive marketing expertise with some of the world’s biggest brands.