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Dillon Cane

Team: Senior Management Team
Job Title: Portfolio Management Consultant

From the completion of funding through to exit, Cogress monitor, manage and regularly report on the progress of all developments. That process is overseen by Dillon. With a background in structural engineering and law, Dillon works with Cogress to get under the skin of a project from the very start, and increases his involvement if he and his team identify any unacceptable risks. As every new development carries a degree of risk, he uses his knowledge, expertise and experience to manage and mitigate those risks.

Dillon leads a team of consultants who are charged with protecting investors’ interests and ensuring a favourable exit scenario for investors; whether that’s through successful sales, refinance or a buyout agreement.

Dillon was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (Honours) from The University of Canterbury in New Zealand before spending time in construction and development in Auckland. He then set sail for the United Kingdom where he completed a master’s degree in Law from UCL.