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Ilanit Orly

Team: Senior Management Team
Job Title: Chief Operations Officer

Driven by the same, shared vision and ambition for Cogress, Ilanit is the one who leads the charge on making it happen. She oversees all areas of the Cogress operation; the systems, processes, people and technology that make it function as a single, successful entity.

She also takes responsibility for compliance and money laundering regulations. She works to ensure that everything the company does fulfils the necessary requirements and meets the needs of our investors. To Ilanit, compliance is an inherent part of how things should be done. When investors are presented with opportunities, they need to have absolute faith in them being 100% transparent, fair, clear and not misleading.

One of the rewarding parts of Ilanit’s job is the nurturing and empowering of others in the company. She encourages a healthy and sustainable environment that’s beneficial to her colleagues and to investors.

A belief in openness is something Ilanit sees and encourages throughout the Cogress organisation. She considers it an instrumental factor in driving the success of the business.

Before Cogress

Ilanit started her career in Manhattan, matching rentals with agents and managing the on-boarding process, before progressing to more senior management roles.