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Shelly Pratt

Team: Senior Management Team
Job Title: Head of Legal

As Cogress’ in-house Legal Advisor, Shelly is the single point of contact for all legal related queries, internally and externally, from the structuring of an investment and negotiating its terms, all the way through to discussing exit terms.

She mitigates risk and provides strategic advice on a wide range of legal matters, and uses her expert insight to ensure each deal is structured in the best way possible for investors.

Shelly enjoys the variety that comes from working with all the teams at Cogress, in a commercial environment that’s always changing.

Before Cogress

Shelly spent five years practising commercial and civil litigation law. She regularly represented clients in court and provided legal advice on a variety of legal and regulatory matters to an internal and external client base.
She is a Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Business Administration (finance and risk management), both with Honours, and an MBA (Merit) from the University of Bath.