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Zahid Anwar

Team: Senior Management Team
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer

The words on the door might read Chief Financial Officer, but Zahid Anwar’s responsibilities go far beyond the traditional CFO role, his strong financial background has been a driving force behind the establishment of an ethos of continuous healthy growth at Cogress.

More than that, he also has the task of taking the company’s goals and aspirations and turning them into reality. Just like his colleagues, Zahid is 100% behind Cogress’ unique investment model and its disruptive approach to property development, and believes that the company has revolutionised the way equity investment is perceived.

Bolstered by solid business acumen and innovative, progressive thinking, Zahid is confident that Cogress will realise its full potential as the go-to name for investors and developers alike.

Before Cogress

Zahid has a solid financial background in the property sector. He has worked in blue chip multinational organisations and well as SMEs in a financial capacity as well as operational roles and that experience has been vital in establishing growth at Cogress.